Friday, October 16, 2015

Taking a break for concrete improvements

Today one of my largest impediments in the workshop is going to be removed. A rough, pitted concrete floor in part of my shop will be repaired. I want to be able to wheel heavy things around, like my tool chest, drill press, etc, but the floor has been making it very difficult. It also has been annoying to try to sweep.

Swept clean and ready to go
So today a concrete repair crew is showing up. I've spent the last few evenings clearing that part of the shop. My workbench is collapsed, and I covered the walls with a drop cloth to protect from dust or splatter. My friend Kevin came over a couple nights ago to help move my drill press and the ballast-boards under the workbench (Thanks, Kevin!), as well as some other miscellaneous preparatory tasks. 

You may recognize the top of my workbench from a recent post. Here, it is sitting upside-down on the lumber rack.
I'm really excited for the floor to be smooth and flat. Combined with french cleats on the walls, and a generous helping of casters under the massive objects in the shop, this will allow the space to be totally reconfigurable, and allow me to make the best use of space.

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