Saturday, October 26, 2013

small lumber rack

Here is a lumber rack that I made over a year ago now. It has proved very useful for holding offcuts and all manner of small pieces. The trapezoidal shape and different lengths of dowels make it very flexible.
lumber rack, holding 2' - 4' boards
1" dowels are removable.

Construction was fairly simple. I stacked pairs of 2x4's on each side, and tilted them at a 15 degree angle. I put lag bolts through where each side happened to cross in front of a stud. Also, I screwed it to the cieling beam and a horizontal rail on top of one of the built-in worktables in the workshop.

Main supports are attached to the structure of the house wherever possible.
1" holes at regular intervals hold various length oak dowels, which can be swapped or removed as needed, depending on what is being stored at the moment.
This rack can hold a lot. In this picture you can see where I put a horizontal member in the frame with extra dowel holes.