Friday, July 3, 2015

An easier way to handle a file

Here's a tip I picked up at WIA last year, actually in the gunsmith shop in historic Winston-Salem, NC. I finally got around to doing it.

Use a corn-cob as a file handle.

Apparently this is not new, but when I saw it I still figuratively kicked myself for spending time making wooden handles in the past--time that I could have spent building guitars or furniture.

This is a logical extension of using a wood species appropriate for the task.
Here's my process:

  1. Eat tasty corn on the cob
  2. Remove the fuzzy kernel remnants by flailing with a vegetable peeler and rinsing.
  3. Let the cob dry for a couple of days
  4. Lop of the length you need with a knife and mallet
  5. Stab it with a file tang.
  6. Take it apart long enough to slather some oil in there, figuring it might prevent rust from any remaining corn-juice.
  7. Get back to working on other projects without a pointy bit of steel poking your hand.
This may be seven steps, but it feels like 2. Maybe you can start tomorrow--corn goes well with patriotism and colorful explosions.