Saturday, November 14, 2015

How to build a workbench with another workbench in the way

I'm finally starting my Roubo[-style workbench]. I ordered hardware, a gallon of glue, and started jointing and gluing up the ash that's been sitting around my basement waiting for this day. I'm hoping to get it done this calendar year.

Although I did briefly consider a half-serious walkthrough of the process of building it using another workbench, there's just been too much Roubo on the internet already. So here's a few pictures just to show you that I'm starting in on it. I'll sum up when I'm done with a brief look at any unusual features or choices.


Jointing a lot of boards

Planning the glue-ups.

Clamps on glue makes me feel like I'm actually building something.

Monday, November 2, 2015

hanging bikes and reclaimed mahogany

This weekend I helped a friend make some hangers for french cleats we recently put up in his garage.

French cleats holding bikes and garden implements.

By the way, one big hook at the right height makes a pretty effective way to store a bike.

Sawing plywood on ikea sawhorses, as part of an effort to suss out any big gaps in my friend's small tool collection.

I also scored some mahogany (I think) from a shoddy hutch type thing sitting in his garage from the previous owner. Thanks Kevin! least I think it's mahogany. Whatever it is, it's nice medium hardness with roey grain.
I stripped some of the ugly brown stain of the reclaimed boards, just enough to preview it's beauty. It will be fun to see what I can turn it into.