About this blog

Why do I write this stuff?
For fun!!!

...And so I can stop talking so much about it in real life. I am trying not to bore my wife to beers.

Why do I play with wood?
1.) Because I've always had the urge to build.
2.) Because guitars are made of wood.
3.) Because wood looks amazing. To me, wood is more beautiful than gems, gold, silk, or paint--especially after it's been planed.

Who am I?
You know me as the person who writes about mutilating wood. Other people know me as a software nerd, barely-a-musician, or someone with whom they slide down mountains. I'm married with two dogs and happily living in Masachusetts where the weather is never boring.

How do you use this blog?
You can follow this blog a variety of ways using links on the right. Or use the labels to find related groups of post. Or just check the main page whenever you want and scroll down until you get bored.

Nope. I have no financial relationship (other than customer!) with any tool maker or vender, or any sources of lumber. If that changes, I'll say so--but I have no plans of that.

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