Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I'm really enjoying flat concrete

The concrete repairs went really well. I watched a professional do it while I puttered around the shop and built a paper towel holder for french cleats. I was impressed with how it could be thin and runny enough to level itself out, but also thick enough to stop at a certain point before flowing downhill under the mats in the other part of the basement.

Here's a pretty boring picture of a nice smooth flat floor. But I'm excited about it.

 Once the floor was dry I started taking full advantage of it. I wheeled my tool chest into a perfect working position. I cleared off half my sharpening station and put a shiny new planer on it, then wheeled it and a shop vac to the new section to start making a mobile planer stand (but that's another post).

Stuff with wheels shows the floor repair's reason for being.

The other benefit I noticed is that I now feel like sweeping. I think I'm doing it about once every 2 hours I'm down there, and that's several orders of magnitude more often than before.

I am definitely not going to cover the whole floor with squishy mats again. Wheeling and sweeping are just too nice to mess up. If I need to reduce leg fatigue I'll put a localized mat in front of my workbench or double up on insoles.


  1. Interesting. Our concrete guy told us we were going require 4 inches for the concrete to bind for leveling concrete. I'm dying for a flat floor!

    1. That sounds rather like the other option I was given. I could have lost 3-4" of ceiling height if I had opted for a fresh pour of the whole basement. It would have doubled the cost but covered 4 times the area, so cheaper per square foot because of less labor. I opted for what they called "repair" on about 150 square feet in the corner. I lost negligible ceiling height, but the tradeoff is that it's not perfectly flat and level--easily good enough for my purposes though.