Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More things you can hang on french cleats

I have been having fun mounting all sorts of things on french cleats. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:
adjustable laptop desk. The angle can be adjusted for comfort with the chain links, while the height is adjusted with the cleats on the wall.
laptop desk, folded. This is made of scraps: thin
hardwood faced plywood, aromatic cedar, and hardware.
First aid kit. Because of french cleats, this can come off the wall in a hurry when it counts.

Some pegs I already had.

Just a shelf.

drills/drivers, and clamps. This is made of 2"x4"s, spaced to fit what I have.

Two worlds collide!
Pegboard. I have some stuff that still works well on pegboard.
With two screws and blocks, I have a place to put it.

circular saw. This hanger is made of glue and OSB

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